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The Village is back and is higher density than the original Village project!  AMCAL has again revised the project to include market rate housing which is an improvement.  However the higher density combined with changes in impacts associated with market rate non-student occupancy reignites concerns about impacts on parking, transportation, infrastructure and safety.  During the Council meeting on  March 20th Council indicated that AMCAL submit a project with occupancy of 605 +/- 5%. Of course AMCAL has run with that opportunity as their current proposal is 635 occupants with 75 studio units counted at 1 person/studio.  Studios occupy at 1.5/unit, so this latest AMCAL proposal has occupancy of closer to 675.  The next Public Hearing is scheduled for April 17th at the Arcata City Hall at 6pm.

Please check out our Press Page to review recent media coverage about this project and AMCAL performance in other communities.

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SF Examiner - Young Community Developers Burned By AMCAL

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"In the beginning, YCD had brought back 12 certificate of preference (COP) holders into the community, ensured over 50 percent of residents were African American (from the community) working with Bayview Hunters Point Multi-Senior Services and the community at large. This was a big win for all of our efforts to fight gentrification and displacement of the African American community; we should also note that the entire building is majority minority housing.

Within the first six months of being fully leased, AMCAL unilaterally tried to raise rents 10 percent for all residents after receiving new income guidelines from HUD. This was neither acceptable nor required as AMCAL was netting (after expenses) over $30,000.00 per month.

When YCD told AMCAL this was unacceptable, they were not happy but conceded at the time. A few months later they raised the rents (unilaterally) 3 percent for all residents in 2017..."  - Shamann Walton Executive Director of Young Community Developers, Member of San Francisco Board of Education and a Candidate for District 10 Supervisor in San Francisco

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The Village 2.0 Overview Video

Please watch Eric Black's recent video on the Village 2.0 to get back up to speed on the Village.

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Arcata Citizens for Responsible Housing (ACRH) is a local, pro-housing, pro-infill, active transportation, and pro-student housing group. Our non-profit is unified against the proposed massive 800 student-only apartment project that is quaintly marketed as The Village. This student-only apartment project is proposed for the Craftsman’s Mall site in the city of Arcata.

  • We advocate for redevelopment of the Craftsman Mall site.
  • We support an increase in student housing in Arcata.
  • We believe a massive and isolated student-only apartment project does not help the Arcata community, nor does it provide the best housing for HSU students.
  • We support construction of a new dorm facility on or directly adjacent to the HSU campus, but not at the Craftsman’s Mall site.
  • We have engaged the Arcata community to develop a better plan for the Craftsman’s Mall site.
  • Our plan increases owner occupancy and student housing in the city.
  • Unlike this massive student-only apartment project that seeks to isolate and manage students, our plan has overwhelming support from the Arcata community.

Get Involved


Arcata Citizens for Responsible Housing's core strength is its membership.  We are made up of concerned Arcata citizens, students, property owners, and business owners.  If you reside in Arcata, own property in Arcata, or operate an Arcata business and you oppose a massive student-only apartment project that isolates students rather than integrates them into our community, you can make a difference by simply becoming a member.

For those that want to become active members, here are some of the ways our members can contribute:

  • Your voice - Providing input to our development alternatives to a massive student-only apartment project for the Craftsman's Mall site.  Speaking your concerns at public hearings.
  • Membership outreach - The larger our membership, the more powerful our collective voice.
  • Fundraising - It's not cheap opposing a major California corporation who stands to reap millions in profits through this project.
  • New friendships - Meeting people with whom you share a common concern and working together to keep Arcata the unique, integrated and wonderful place it is.

Who is AMCAL?


AMCAL is currently celebrating 40 years of some of the largest student housing real estate developments in California.  "The Graduate" student housing project shown above in San Jose helps us understand that they are not a good fit for our community.  The photo of their Promontory project (center circle) is very representative of the student-only apartment project proposed for our community. Apparently it is the smallest scale that would work for their financial model, which is their priority, not its impact on insolating our students from us and driving the cost of housing higher for both students and families. Its massive size would tower over Eye Street, Sunset, Westwood, and Janes Creek Meadow neighborhoods. Woefully insufficient parking would overflow into the neighborhood, sewage flows would have unknown impact on the local treatment plant and our beloved Marsh project. Its 800 additional students would further congest the already dangerous Sunset Avenue interchange, as well impact St. Louis, Spear and LK Wood.

Learn more about AMCAL at:

SAY NO TO "THE VILLAGE" because it's not a village at all - it's a massive student-only apartment project. ARCATA IS NOT SAN JOSE OR MONTEREY.  WE ARE ARCATA - SPECIAL LIKE NO OTHER PLACE ON EARTH!


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Working together, we will make a positive difference in the development of our community. Our promise: Your contribution will be used directly to support community-based plans and developments that involve us.

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Central to any request for donations is an understanding of those who are passionate about our charter and committed to the tireless and relentless effort that will produce success.

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